Letter from J.W. Beck to Henry Clay Frick, 17 September 1895

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will understand his hesitation about it while he is still building & is doubtful as to the hanging space his house will afford. I am now free to speak with you about it. Do you think it would suit you? If it impressed you sufficiently, I do not think you would find a better example, or one that would be so pleasant to live with. Kindly think it over and let me know. You will remember the price, viz 800 guineas.

You said something to me about a copy of a picture which a student was making in the National Gallery, but I failed to take a note of it. I should like to look after this for you if I may, for the encouragement of the student, so kindly tell me what it was, and I will give you any assistance I can.

Yours very truly

J. W. Beck

H. C. Frick Esq.

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