Letter from J.W. Beck to Henry Clay Frick, 17 September 1895

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In red ink, top of page Red Book folio 80

Top left of page Ansd 9/26/95


Sep. 17. 95

Dear Mr Frick

I hope you had a pleasant & safe journey home. I wrote to you soon after you left, Sep. 2nd, and I am now daily hoping for a reply; & if I am permitted to secure Mr. Watts' delightful picture "Little Red Ridinghood" for you, I will then get that and the etchings you bought, safely packed and insured & forwarded to you at once. There will also be two etchings for Mr. Holmes in the same case, and I will ask you to be so kind as to hand them to him.

I called at Obach's this morning and I regret they have not yet been able to find a vellum proof of "The Gleaners," but they are still inquiring for one & they will let me know if they succeed in finding a copy.

I had several most delightful times with your friends Mr. & Mrs. Holmes during their stay in London and I only regret that I could not go out with them more. I must hope for other opportunities.

Mr. Holmes did not buy the picture "English Cottage Houses by B. W. Leader which you & Mr. Morse went with me to see, and I can

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In pencil, lower right corner of page [083]

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