Invoice from Duveen Brothers to H.C. Frick, 18 March 1915 [page 6 of 8]

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720 FIfth Avenue New York H. C. Frick, Esq. #6 Duveen Brothers

LIBRARY (continued) Forward 1.080,000-00 731 QUADRILATERAL BLACK HAWTHORN VASE, white prunus and leafless bamboo growing and leafless bamboo growing from green and rose-colored rocks; in the branches and flying above are yellow finches. K'ANG HSI Ht. 22" 55,000-00 733 QUADRILATERAL BLACK HAWTHORN VASE, decorated with the flowers of the four seasons in reserve on black enamel. K'ANG HSI Ht. 20 3/4" 55,000-00 1216 BLACK ENAMELLED BOWL lined with pale green. In the bottom the jewel of omnipotence in black. On the outside a yellow and a green dragon emerging from the sea. K'ANG HSI Dia. 7 1/2" 1,800-00 J-2 ONE BLACK BOWL decorated with reserves of flowers on outer side and a ground of pale yellow inside. 2,800-00

LIVING HALL 913 914 TWO OVOID JARS with lion covers. Elaborate decorations of chrysanthemums and emblems in brilliant colors on black, with leaf-scroll and fruit shaped reserves enclosing flowers, birds and dear. CH'IEN LUNG Ht. 33" 120,000-00

Forward 1,314,600-00

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