Catalog of Portraits, 1909-1911, 1929 [page 25]

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heading in green ink: - Criticism -

The series of Van Dyck portraits from Genoa of which three examples have passed into the collection of Mr. P. A. B. Widener, and one into that of Mr. H. C. Frick, represent the master's art at the period when, in the opinion of many, it was in its most consistently perfect phase. The three great pictures date year in green ink: 1624 from Van Dyck's second stay in Genoa. The oval portrait of Canevari, recently purchased by Mr. Frick, is an excellent illustration of the balance and moderation with which Van Dyck uses his power in works of moderate size, while the great full-length figure of a lady now in Mr. Widener's collection, will serve to show how unsurpassable he is as a painter of state portraits. in green ink: Ŧ

in green ink: Ŧ C. J. Holmes.


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