Letter from Burrington & Boss to Henry Clay Frick, 4 September 1895

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London 4th September 1895.


ST. George's Gallery, 14 Grafton Street, one door from Bond St.

To H. C. Frick Esq.

Dear Sir --

Mr Burrington has seen the owner of the pictures by Cazin & Rousseau-Dupre & we now write to give you particulars concerning them. The lowest price for which you could purchase the Cazin would be £1250/./. This is a picture we could strongly recommend to you, for as Mr Burrington remarked, we consider the prices of Cazin will very considerably advance & this is certainly one of his most important works & one by which he personally trusts to his greater fame in the future.

As to the other picture (the combined work of Dupre & Rousseau) the owner has such an excellent opinion of its value, that he really cannot conscientiously recommend it to you. -- We shall be pleased to hear your decision about the Cazin at your earliest convenience. --

We have another subject to speak to you about, which we consider of far more importance than the above & that is the pastel of the "anglers" by Jean Francois Millet of which Mr Burrington spoke to you. We have seen the owner of this magnificent work & we think we could secure it for you. It has been pronounced by the most competent critics to be finer than the painting ^ it has the advantage over the latter, of being absolutely pure & untouched. Such is not the case with the painting which has not only been re-touched, but which is actually in a very bad condition. The painting is about 1/3 larger than the pastel & the latter was purchased in Paris at the Roederer Sale for the sum of 100,000 fcs. To this sum must be added 10% auctioneer's fees. The present owner purchased it from the Dealers who secured it at the Sale, & he sets very great store by it, consequently we do not think it could be purchased for less than £7000/./. -- Should you in any way entertain this unique & splendid specimen of Millet's work, we think that we could perhaps arrange to bring it over for your inspection.

We beg however to ask one favor of you & that is this: as the picture is not in the market & our client only entertained the sale of it as a


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