Letter from J.W. Beck to Henry Clay Frick, 2 September 1895

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In pencil, top left corner of page Ansd Answered 9/16/95


9 Duke Street

Portland Place, London

Sept 2.95

Dear Mr Frick

I have heard from R. Watts as to my request that he would try & make some modification in the price of the picture "Little Red Ridinghood," & I am pleased to inform you that he has consented to take 800 guineas for it as the lowest price. He does not usually make alterations i his prices, but as a matter of courtesy to you & me he has consented on this occasion, and you will kindly regard it in confidence as I could not expect him to do so at another time.

I strongly advise you to accept the offer and to secure the picture, and it might be worth while to cable to me and I would then get


the pictures and the etchings packed and sent to you without delay.

The draft for payment should be made payable to G. F. Watts Esq. R. A?? for 800 guineas ( ‎£840) which I would hand to him and send you his receipt.

As regards any commissions, the usual charge is 5% and if this is agreeable to you the amount would be £42, and the total cost to you would be £882, being a saving of £168 on the original price of the picture. I enclose a receipt for the £50 which you paid me on account of the etchings, and out of this I have £8- of yours in hand.

I hope you are having a pleasant journey home. Yours truly

J. W. Beck

H. C. Frick Esq.



In pencil, lower right corner of page [081]

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