Receipt from the Metropolitan Museum of Art to Henry C. Frick, 7 June 1907 [back]

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Conditions under which Objects are received by the Museum on Loan. 1. The Museum is no responsible for the safekeeping of articles instructed to it for exhibition, beyond the exercise of such precautions as are now in force, or may hereafter be put in force for the safekeeping and preservation of the property of the Museum itself. 2. any object loaned to the Museum for exhibition shall remain in its possession for not less than six months unless otherwise indicated on the face of this receipt, or otherwise stipulated in writing at the time of the loan, but is may be withdrawn from exhibition at any time by the Director or by the Trustees. 3. Any such object shall be delivered only upon the written order of the lender, pr of his duly authorized agent or legal representative. It shall be received back by the lender is so requested by the Museum, on reasonable notice. 4. In case of death of a lender, the legal representative of the deceased shall notify the Director of the Museum forthwith, giving his full name and address in writing.

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