Letter from T. Jefferson Coolidge Jr. to Henry C. Frick, 22 December 1910

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OLD COLONY TRUST COMPANY P.O. BOX 363 Boston, Mass., December 22, 1910. Henry C. Frick, Esq., 640 Fifth Avenue New York, N.Y.

Dear Mr. Frick:- I want to thank you for allowing the Boston Museum of Fine Arts to have the privilege of exhibiting you pictures. I was delighted to learn that you had decided to loan the Museum your pictures, but although I knew your wonderful collection, I had no idea of the Immense amount of good that you were doing the Museum and the City of Boston. You have encouraged the study of paintings among all classes of citizens, and you have brought people to the Museum who would otherwise have never been brought there, and who hereafter will be likely to continue to visit it. Your action was a noble one, and I hope you will realize the keen appreciation of your generosity, and if you do, you will be more than repaid for all your risk and trouble. With very best wishes for a Merry Christmas and happy New Year, I am, Yours very truly, J. Jefferson Coolidge Jr

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