Brochure for exhibition of paintings of the Spanish school at the Copley Society of Boston, December 1911 [page 1 of 2]

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JAN 10 1912 COPLEY SOCIETY OF BOSTON EXHIBITION OF THE PAINTINGS OF TH SPANISH SCHOOL 1912 The Copley Society of Boston is organized for the purpose of advancing the interests of the fine arts, and it is chiefly through its notable series of public exhibitions that it is widely known throughout the United States and Europe. The most distinguished of these were the Exhibition of the Works of John Singleton Sargent, the Memorial Exhibition of the Works of James McNeil Whistler, the Exhibition of the Works of Clause Monet, the Exhibition of One Hundred Masterpieces, and the Exhibition in 1909 of the Works of the Spanish painter, Jaoquin Sorolla y Bastida. The Society is now arranging an Exhibition of paintings of the Spanish School, to include the works of the old as well as the modern masters, which it is hoped will be a fine and representative collection. In order to insure the success of this undertaking, the Society depends upon the generous, active, and public-spirited support that it has received in the past. The Exhibition will be opened to the public on Thursday,February 29, 1912, and will continue for about three weeks. The pictures which you are asked to send should be carefully addressed to the Copley Society, Copley Hall, Clarendon Street, Boston, and should be shipped in time to arrive not later than Wednesday, February 21. The Society employs Messrs. Doll & Richards as their collecting and shipping agents in Boston, Messrs. Budworth & Sons in New

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