Letter from Robert Fleming to [Henry Clay] Frick, 21 May 1914

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"Confidential" "Attach to List"

Robert Fleming & Co. --- Telegraphic Address, "Fledgeling, Led, London." --- Telephone:- London Wall 6420.

8, Crosby Square, London, 21 May 1914. E.C.

Dear Mr. Frick, I haven't seen you since the crosser? together years ago. I hope you are keeping fit. I only heard of your being here through my wife who is having her portrait painted by Orpen. I enclosed you a list of pictures which some friends of mine have a lien on. Enclosed will give you the story pretty well. Some of these pictures are simply pand?. I have no pecuniary interest in the matter whatever except that I would like my City pients? to realise as much as they can/ Underlined twice: Please keep this confidential unless so far as you may have heard of it from other courses. Yours truly. Robert Fleming

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