Letter from G.T. Scherzinger to Estate of Henry Clay Frick, 1 March 1921

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March 1, 1921 66-171-5

Estate of H. C. Frick, 1924 Frick Building, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.

Gentlemen: Attention of W. J. Naughton.

    Receipt is acknowledged of your letter of the 28th, enclosing check of the Executors of the Estate of H. C. Frick for $106,500. covering the seventeenth payment and interest upon agreement between Mr. Frick and Duveen Bros., dated May 21, 1918.
    We are forwarding under separate registered cover the above agreement, duly receipted, and enclose herewith your form of receipt duly signed.
    Kindly acknowledge receipt of this agreement on the copy of this letter which accompanies the registered package.
    Yours very truly, 
    G. T. Scherzinger,
    Assistant Treasurer 

Registered Mail

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