Letter from [Office of the Estate of Henry Clay Frick] to G.T. Scherzinger, 31 July 1920

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July 31st, 1920.

Dear Sir:-

    I enclose herewith check of the Executors of the Estate of H. C. Frick to order of the Guaranty Trust Company of New York, for $104,750.00, to cover tenth payment and interest due as per agreement between Mr. Frick and Duveen Brothers dated May 21st, 1918.
    The agreement is enclosed herewith for the purpose of endorsement. Kindly return same promptly to office of Estate of H. C. Frick, 1924 Frick Building, Pittsburgh, Pa.
    Very truly yours,

To MR. G. T. SCHERZINGER, Asst. Treas., Guaranty Trust Company of New York, 140 Broadway, NEW YORK, N. Y.

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