Letter from Alice Creelman to Henry Clay Frick, 15 April 1915

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[beginning of page 4] as Canessa says they are fully worth $30,000. The Rosselino stands on two lovely stone columns, old Gothic things, which are not included in this price but which make a wonderful and impressive effect. I think the columns are $1,200 but am not sure. The Rosselino is polychromed soft-blue and gray and gold in the old frame. I think it is more beautiful than anything in the Morgan collection. The Donatello Virgin and Child is in brownish stone or terra cotta. Mrs. Blair tells me that the two pieces are already boxed to be shipped but if I wish she will send them back to me and I can send them to you to examine and to see them in the hall or where you wish. They are very unusual and represent a most rare and pure art. Very sincerely yours Alice B. Creelman (Mrs. James Creelman)

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