Letter from Alice Creelman to Henry Clay Frick, 15 April 1915

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[beginning of page 2] 14th and 15th century art. Rosselino's date is 1427 to 1497, and Donatello's 1383 to 1466. Both these reliefs have been passed upon by the authorities of the Louvre, by Friedlander of Berlin and Dr. Bode and all the others. They are perfect examples. Rosselino's Virgin is a most lovely woman. The modelling of the face is marvellous. It is in stucco and is old faded polychrome. It is framed in a lovely old setting. I can imagine nothing more exquisite and chaste for your beautiful and austere gray stone hall than such perfect bas-reliefs. It would make a wonderful classic note, leading [end of page 2]

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