Letter from Joseph Duveen to Henry Clay Frick, 24 October 1912

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302 Fifth Avenue. New York, October 24th, 1912.

[[Stamped: OFFICE OF H. C. FRICK RECEIVED OCT 28 1912]]

Henry C. Frick, Esq., Prides Crossing, Mass.

Dear Mr. Frick:– We are sending you by express this evening, a large brochure of the picture by Pieter de Hoogh. I would have sent you a brochure before, but the one I showed you the other day was rough, and had so small a photograph, that I thought it better to await the arrival of the one now on its way to you, as it contains a larger photograph and more particulars about the painting itself. This will explain the delay. The picture itself will be here on Saturday, and no doubt, when you are next in town, you will be able to make it convenient to give me a call so that I may show it to you. In the meantime, believe me to remain, Yours very truly, Joseph Duveen

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