Letter from John Getz to Henry Clay Frick, 29 June 1911

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of the jars, so that the cover decoration would more nearly harmonize with the jars themselves. This trick may be misleading, but such stain can be easily washed off and the retouching rectified by simply using a bit of alcohol and cloth.

The second pair of large jars (those with white ground and floral decorations), while the paste is white and of fine texture, the decoration and particularly the elaborate border motifs show a pale turquoise blue enamel together with a rose tint and other light color, that may be taken conclusively as work during the 19th Century, probably era of Tao Kuang, 1821-1850, or

While the floral painting on the body of these jars was no doubt executed by a skilled master, who followed the style of an earlier period, (whose work is appreciated more in China today than here), but I believe the borders at neck and base were painted by other artizans SIC near the close of this epoch. While unusual and large examples of their class, and carefully made, these two jars have not the technical or artistic value of the pair previously described.

I hope this will give you the information that you seek and in any case I would be glad to hear from you further on the subject, I have the honor to remain,

Very respectfully yours,

John Getz.


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