Letter from Lockett Agnew to Henry Clay Frick, 9 February 1899

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Beginning of Page 3 written by this post to that firm demanding an explanation and an apology. Your picture by Hoppner, as we arranged, will be dispatched to you the first week in April. W. Pratt, the Engraver, has shown to me an unfinished proof, and it will make a most lovely engraving. Constant association with your picture only confirms me in the view I expressed to you last Season — that "Miss Byng" is one of the most beautiful pictures by Hoppner I have ever seen in my life, and I have no hesitation in saying that should you desire to dispose of this picture I think I could get you and offer of a thousand pounds more than the sum you have agreed to pay me for it. I trust to have the pleasure of End of Page 3 Beginning of Page 4 seeing you this Season, Believe me, with all respect, Your obedient Servant, Lockett Agnew:

Red Book folio 47 "Miss Byng" by John Hoppner

H.C. Frick Esq. The Carnegie Steel Co. Pittsburg.

End of Page 4

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