Letter from Fritz Thaulow to Henry Clay Frick, 1 December 1898

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Beginning of Page 2 as it was to myself! The are very beautifull in style and design. I have never come across anything like them before. We thank you very very much and we will very often emty? in drinking the health of you and your charming family. We will also drink also of American when I passed a such a unforgebly? time and where I mead? the acquaintence of so charming people. When you came with your family to Boulevard Ber this 21 we will put the beautifull glaces for you End of Page 2 Beginning Page 3 fyll them with wine and speake about the souvenires of the short time we passed together. I should be very glad of you would send us the photos of you and your wife and children. I will send you some from hear when the are ready. Thanking you again very much indeed I remain Yours very sincerely Fritz Thaulow.

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