Copy of a cable from [Roger E.] Fry to Henry Clay Frick, 20 April 1910

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Cable 'phoned from house. 4/20/10. 9:50 a.m.

Guildford, England.

Arrangement in correct form under legal advice. Owner honest country gentleman, unbusinesslike, very nervous. Insists on selling picture from Chateau. I receive it there against check. This what dealer who was after it promised, and owner insists same terms. Acting on your cable conferring full powers, I pledged your and y honor total sum would be in London bank by Friday. On this owner have refused dealer's offer. Must make good or matter fails, with serious discredit.

You get great bargain and cannot expect same conditions as when paying dealer's profits. I going Tarnowski Chateau great personal inconvenience see matter through, your interest fully guaranteed. Reply immediately.


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