Letter from Roland F. Knoedler to Henry Clay Frick, 30 August 1915

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Letterhead, top center of page


Stamped, top right of page OFFICE OF H. C. FRICK RECEIVED In pencil from Prides SEP 4 1915 FORWARDED REFERRED ANSWERED

In pencil, semi-encircled, indecipherable word or initial


Aug. 30th / 15

Dear Mr. Frick,

Many thanks for your telegram concerning Dr. Kniffler. W. Fred. Sterry who runs this hotel said that the Doctor had been recommended to him by a number of well known persons & Sterry said he understood that he knew you & wanted me to ask you what you thought of him as they are considering taking him there.

We are leaving Thursday morning for Washington ?? & Atlantic City & expect to be in N. J. in about ten days. We have had a very enjoyable stay here.

In pencil, lower right corner of page [HC.336.018]

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